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Text for A Frieze – Our Peak – Look Back

text for frieze
Text for A Frieze – Our Peak – Look Back                                          Malcolm D B Munro, 2018
Copyright the artist

The poem for this work, The Power of People was published on the blog a few days ago. I like to combine my poetry with my art work occasionally. Where the poem sits vertically on the page there is the freedom to arrange the poem across the panels of the art. The composition for this is clearly seen in the text version and has a logic all its own.

Saatchi Art ask that you, the artist describe the work, that’s OK, and describe its genesis. This bit I don’t like since the way I work is conceptual. In other words, I work subconsciously and I have no idea how I came to conceive the work. The realization is straightforward. But what inspired the work? I have absolutely no idea in most cases. So it is with this work. Having decided to put the poem into an art work, the idea of using a Greek frieze came to me. I wanted one that was most damaged so that the beauty and form of the original is obscured by the destruction either deliberately or simply by the exigencies of time. The width of the work is dictated by the length of the poem. A three panel construction occurs naturally because of printing restrictions and shipping constraints. The title. I found myself giving the work a three part title and then realized that that is what it is. There was no cerebral component to this. Certainly the poem does not have a three part development. However it works, doesn’t it?

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 7 April, 2018


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