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London 21 – 26 March, 2018, part 1

Photographs taken with the iPhone during the showing of the art work at TOAF London, Victoria House.

IMG_0064.JPGView of Lexham Gardens, Kensington from the hotel room, 6.00 am Thursday 22 March, 2018

IMG_0070.JPGLexham Gardens, Kensington viewed from Cromwell Road

IMG_0073.JPGView of Cromwell Road viewed from Lexham Gardens

IMG_0074.JPGView across Cromwell Road facing the Marriott

IMG_0075.JPGLooking down Cromwell Road towards Earl’s Court


The entrance to Lexham Gardens from Cromwell Road. The Embassy for Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the left hand side.

IMG_0078.JPGThe entrance to Lexham Garden Mews. Mews contained stables and the servants quarters of the hostelry who looked after the horses in pre-automobile days.


All of the vehicles parked on either side of Lexham Gardens were large, including two Bentleys parked at the foot of the road outside a boutique hotel.


View of the hotel which occupies 7 buildings and is owned by Malaysians. Why the US flag is flown is unknown.


View of Lexham Mews from the other side of Lexham Gardens. The gardens are on the left and the portion of Lexham Gardens which continues to the left does not have the fronts stuccoed as do the houses the right.

IMG_0089.JPGView along the upper portion of Lexham Gardens looking West.


All London streets have this kind of rectangular street name sign, usually high on the wall of the building at the street’s entrance. The signs of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea are distinctive.

IMG_0093.JPGThe other side of the upper portion of Lexham Gardens

IMG_0094.JPGA walkway joining Lexham Gardens with an adjacent street.

IMG_0099.JPGAnother view of Lexham Garden Mews

IMG_0103.JPGAll restaurants in London must display their menu outside the premises. The hotel’s evening menu is restricted to Malaysian dishes.

IMG_0112.JPGEarl’s Court Road

IMG_0113.JPGEarl’s Court Road is typical of the thoroughfares of London, narrow, cramped and busy.

IMG_0114.JPGEarl’s Court Tube Station, the closed tube station to the hotel. The kiosk to the side of the tube station is open 24 hours and sells tourist knickknacks, tobacco products and liquor.

IMG_0116.JPGThe upper stories of the buildings on Lexham Gardens, like many in the upper scale parts of London, at one time housed servants. Taken around 8.00 am Saturday 24 March, 2018.

IMG_0119.JPGThere are a lot of buses in London, the red ones serving London proper, and the others the hinterlands of the UK and Europe, all of these converging on Victoria Coach Station. Cromwell Road is full of them.

IMG_0120.JPGBuses have toilets, under floor storage, reclining seats and WiFi. They are easily the best form of transport. Rail is unreliable and expensive and flying not as convenient since travel to and from hotels is required and there may be long waits at airports.

IMG_0133.JPGI love buses. Again on Cromwell Road

IMG_0143.JPGAdvertising on London black cabs is rare. Note the double red line and the Look Right sign.

IMG_0183.JPGPayphone kiosks. Some marked as such provide WiFi and charging stations.

IMG_0185.JPGIn this part of London vegetation is little seen. The weather during the trip was fair with relatively clear skies. Unlike other parts of London, Kensington is not overflown by aircraft flying into Heathrow.

IMG_0186.JPGAlthough Earl’s Court Road is busy side streets are not.


Visible in the foreground of this shot are granite sets. These are similar to cobbles but are flat topped. Their use goes back to Roman times.

IMG_0189.JPGEarl’s Court Road looking East. The tube station signs cannot be seen because the station entrance is inset from the general building line.

IMG_0190.JPGEarl’s Court Road viewed from the same direction, taken in front of Earl’s Court Tube Station.

IMG_0191.JPGHolborn Tube Station on the corner of Kingsway and Holborn High Street, the nearest tube station to Victoria House. In fact it can be seen from the front of the building.

IMG_0192.JPGHolborn High Street looking South

IMG_0193.JPGHolborn High Street looking North. To the East of the intersection is Southamton Row and the West Kingsway.

IMG_0197.JPGPop-up art gallery on Southampton Row. Pop-up means that such galleries are only open briefly for a show.

IMG_0200.JPGThroughout London are walkways joining adjacent streets. This is Sicilian Way which joins Bloomsbury Square with Southampton Road. Victoria House is at the end of the walkway and to the right. At the bottom end of the walkway in this view is a pub, the Whippet. Most of the shops on the left and right are seeking tenants.

IMG_0201.JPGBy many accounts the best coffee shop in London. This was home from home. It is just one shop down from the walkway shown above. Curiously, the shop does not have a web site.

IMG_0203.JPGThe interior of Espresso Room


















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