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Carbon Based Lifeforms – Inside the Rift – Session 59

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Inside the Rift – Session 59

Carbon Based Lifeforms

Carbon Based Lifeforms, abbreviated CBL or CBLF is a Swedish ambient duo formed in 1996. Participants – Johann Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad. CBL – one of the brightest representatives of the direction of psychedelic ambient and residents of the French label Ultimae Records.

History of occurrence

For the first time, Johann and Daniel met in 1991 as students of the ninth grade. One of their common interests was tracker music – soon together with Mikael Lindquist they form a trio of Bassment Studios. Initially, the first and only musical instrument of the group was the Amiga computer, but after a while the team switched to PC, and in 1995 left the tracker scene and started to create using MIDI. The group changes its name to Notch; Johann performs under the pseudonym GioNic, Daniel hides under the name TiN, and Mikael – under the name Miguel. Notch’s favorite genres are acid, techno and house. The collective publishes the creativity through numerous musical BBS (mainly Zusical Storehouse).

In 1996, impressed by the album of ambient musician Solar Quest “Orgship”, Notch recorded several non-dance compositions that gravitate toward chillout. However, feeling that the new concept does not fit into the framework of the dance trio, Johann and Daniel move away from Notch and, finally, start working under the name Carbon Based Lifeforms. In 1998, the duo began to publish their music on the now-liquidated free resource, part of which falls on the collection “103 best songs you never heard on”.

In Ultimae Records, the duo collaborates with Magnus Birgersson, who at the time was mastering his first album “Reflective Frequencies”. CBL demonstration notes fall into the direction of the recording studio (owned by Vincent Villelu) and receive approval – the first duo compositions released on this label were “MOS 6581” and “Metrosat 4”, which were included in the collection “Fahrenheit Project Part Three”.

According to the participants of the duo, the second album is a direct continuation of the first one, which is reflected in the list of compositions on the cover (the numbering of tracks in “World of Sleepers” starts from twelve, according to the number of tracks in the previous album). Likewise, the numbering of the songs of the third album, “Interloper”, starts at 24. In addition to the three CBL albums, there is also a Notch demonstration disk of 1998 called “The Path”, whose musical mood largely echoes the duo’s subsequent works.

In 2015, the duo released re-releases of their albums on their own label Leftfield Records, while remastering albums and recording in 24-bit sound was done.

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Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 14 May, 2018




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