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Artist to artist: the difficulty of writing and corresponding in the Art World

As a person with a lifetime of experience in many other walks of life, I am having a number of difficulties when it comes to adjusting to this new world. In many ways the world of art is different, maybe even distinctly different from any I have known. These include: Theatre, Engineering, Music, Engineering Writer.

The audience I have in mind for this piece is those in Art World, particulary artists, and those general readers who are caught by the subject line and wish to read the piece. I hope there are many of both. The piece is serious because the topic matters ot me. As in my other walks of life I am a professional; a Professional Artist. The topic deserves nothing less.

One might ask, in what way is it difficult and in this post, one of the more difficult will be discussed.

There is for me no difficulty in communicating with individuals in this world, whoever they might be, museum curators, collectors, art fair personnel.

A particular group may be mentioned separately. Those whom I communicate who are artists, and I mean this is a special sense – who are artists in the real sense of the world. The characteristics of such people are easily identified.

At the very simplest level, they are serious about what they do. Deadly serious. They are not ingénues, they are not flakes, they are stable, have their feet on the ground, they communicate well and succintly. And, most importantly, they are stable personalities.

I have written in the past in this space on the importance of being, as a person, healthy and stable. The creative power, from the moment that power takes hold of you, is a voracious monster. The appetite of that monster is insatiable. Should you be in possession of any – well, most – creative power, that creativity consumes you.

Since the advent of the Romantic Era, we have witnessed the rise of the neurotic artist. Examples across the wide field of the many creative areas in which humans act and enjoy, this is true and the examples are too numerous to mention here.

Those artists who bond with me occupy that category.

Where writing and communicating in the art world I refer specifically to those emails, forms and other means of the written communicatings required of the Art World.

In approaching this topic we can nod the fact there exist within writing essentially three forms; formal, semiformal and informal. There is a another, the elevated, but, modern times, we are seldom given to employing that level.

As an engineer, writing and communicating in the written form utilizes a spectrum ranging from the formal to a semiformal style which is closer to the formal than that employed withing the Art World.

Simply put, this semiformal style is normally referred to as the Business Style and is universally applied throughout the world, in whatever language, in many walks of life, from law to the standard communications between commercial companies, including their customers.

With the advent of the email, the more formal semiformal style has begun to loosen. For example, we no longer sign off, yours sincerely but use variations of, best, best regards, and so on.

In all the very walks of life that I have occupied, many of which I still do, the singularity of the Art World is that much communication is conducted in a nonprofessional manner. With these people, be they gallery owners or other entities, they simply have no idea of what is required to be professional. The reasons for this vary. Lack of training, lack of the knowledge and practice of such basics of professional communications required to successfully communicate with others in that world, the Art World.

Within this piece of writing I will not, as is my practice within this space, name names in order to save the unguilty.

A glaring example of what I am talking about is between two art websites that transact with. Should you have some or more knowledge of the Art World, you likely know of whom I refer to, Be that as it may, I have not named them publicly.

When seeking to place one’s art work on the web, there are many art sites to choose from; some are not to one’s taste, some are plain bad, and others don’t seem attractive. I chose two. More seems too many.

The distinction between these two sites is great, even profound. The one is world class and the other is the equalent to what we call in America, a mom and pop outfit. The one knows exactly what it is doing and is peopled by those who what they are doing and have the experience, knowledge and training to perform well, in some cases extremely well. In these cases, the experience of transactions with those individuals is one of great pleasure.

Where the other art site is concerned one struggles to even give writing space to describing one’s experience. Sufficient to say that that they are awful to deal with and one either walks away or deals with them as little as possible, or if forced to due to circumstances, as well as one can. And swears loudly in private.

Another example is of galleries. The two categories are the same as above, except to say that there is a wide spectrum in their competencies and knowledge level. One necerrily deals with many more galleries than art web sites.

Having begun my entry into the Art World at the latter end of this writer’s life, you have to start somewhere. And where else do you start than at the beginning. Those galleries you work with are at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of competence, length of existence and the nature of the people who run and own them. Hopefully one gets past this stage quickly. How one does this is subject of a separate topic, that is On Becoming a Professional Artist, which I may or may not write.

What is most striking for me is the difficulty I have in even writing such a piece as this.

It is not very creative and the topic is mundane rather than of compelling interest to me.

I will give you an example of one such piece of writing. No doubt others exist withing this pieces written on (in) this blog.

Last night, at far too late into the night, I wrote the beginnings of a piece on Cellular Biology. I wrote well, seamlessly and without stumbling over spellings as am I doing with this bloody piece. The difference is that in the one, the piece on Cellular Biology, I can line up in my mind almost the entire piece and so the writing simply flows and, within a very short space of time I have written a piece considerable length, I mean by comparitson this piece of writing where I have struggled to put together my thoughts on the topic.

I wanted a space to write on the topic as a means of making those thought coherent. I don’t know if I have done so for myself.

Whether I have given pleasure to the reader or not remains with them.

It is a bit like my art work. Some are good and well liked some are not good and few viewers on the art web site like them.

But you do them anyway. The work you produce is the work you produce and not of it can be well done.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 26 May, 2018






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