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On Becoming a Professional Artist

During that period from when I began as an artist until some two or three months ago, I was a mess. I simply could not separate my emotions from my work, my art work. As long as that work remained in the private realm, by which I mean I showed to few people and did not make the art work public, I was fine. This is still true whenever I create a new work.

In the public area, my experiences and behaviors have been awful. Just awful. People didn’t much like me, were repelled by some of my behaviours and I, in public, have felt dreadful.

An example are the galleries and art fairs I have shown at. The exception are those who recognized the merit of the art and who as a result took me seriously, And I could feel that and felt comfortable as a result. Those who took a different attitude for whatever reason, treated me very differently and, I, as a result felt extremely awkward and acted accordingly.

Outside the art world I am well liked, even well liked, even adored, as I am here in the coffee bar in which I am writing this piece.

The Professional Artist I speak of means, in my mind, someone who is comfortable and assured.

The problem for now is that, as I perceive it, is that the art work I create is not to everyone’s taste. Digital art is still a new medium and there is a credibility gap on the part of the general public and with some of those who occupy the Art World in whatever capacity.

But is it not simply the art work itself. The state I speak of above results from the fact that I am not trained as a artist. By this I mean that I have little formal training. I did not enter art school and go through the rigours of the programme and emerge at the end as a trained artist with a degree or diploma in the subject.

Instead, I have taking art courses over the years, they add up easily to the course hours required of a degree progamme.

There is another factor though. And that is that I never took one of those courses with the idea of becoming an artist. For the reason that I had for one moment the talent to become an artist.

Digital art comes naturally to me. No effort is required in the sense of heavy lifting. I don’t grunt and sweat to create. I tell people that art is to me like water is to a fish. I have found my medium. Computer based art and I am very good at it, Very good.

The style is abstract. That is because I am deeply devoted that the abstract and am deeply affected by the art work produced by Abstract Expressionism in America and by the Constructivist Period of Russia and of Easter Europe. The work of these periods grip me like a religion might to someone else. I can’t say I worship them, but close to that.

There are many other art periods I admire greatly, and some particular artists whose work I admire deeply. Among these are particular favourites, Gustave Klimt and Edvard Munch.

I have never spoken publicly either in writing or to people I have met or to those around me who are close ot me in one way or another. I am devoted to the works of the two artists just mentioned. I am entering an area at this time of my life where I am revealing and expressing an abiding interest in and devotion to that has never been a topic of conversation with anyone.

Therefore I am writing this piece to explain what I mean, what I personally mean, when I tell those around me with any interest, that I am in the process of becoming a Professional Artist.

There are a number of strands or components to the process of becoming a professional. I know exactly what I mean by that. I know exactly what those components are, if you wish to call them that.

What I have not done up to the point of this writing is to articulate those facets.

There are many and one cannot mention them all. To do so would be tedious to both me and my readers.

And, I would say that these aspects are intertwined. Not in the sense that a vine wraps itself round a tree. But they are linked one with another.

One is simply connected to the process of becoming a fully realized person. An adult in every sense of the word. Mature, connected, aware, responsible, coherent and able to articulate clearly what one thinks and to express the views that one holds. Among others.

Another is that I feel limited, as an artist, by being restricted to the art work I presently produce. I have the conviction that I am capable of creating work which is compelling, distinctive and, above all else, will sell. I know that. I have an inner sense which is irrefutable. What form that might take I cannot at this moment say. I am in the process of exploring which of the many possible means, will be that, or those, that allow me to more fully express my creative powers.

At present I am exploring 3D software. Through 3D software one can create and place in the real world concepts that lie otherwise in the head or wherever I store these creative imaginings I have, in 3D drawings. The next stage, since the drawing is in 3D form is to use 3D scanning and the third to use 3D printing.

The softwares to produce the first are many. Overwhelmingly so. To give you a sense of these there are the more engineering oriented 3D softwares such as AutoCAD in its 3D form and Solidworks.

Now, as an engineering I never much used AutoCAD 2d. I had a rudimentary knowledge which allowed me to create drawings and sketches which I could hand over to design engineers – those who now use Solidworks or CATIA or some other very high end 3D design software. Mostly I used Visio which software I found I was adept at. With no training or even study of it, I could produce work, illustrations, which others could not despite their training in it.

I also used Illustrator, Pagemaker and other such softwares. Hence, since I created a huge amount of work during my long carreer as an Engineer I come to digital are fully capable and highly competent. But I use the very simplest of drawing softwares.

You see, the thing with me is that, given that I have a finite lifespan, given that most of that lifespan has already been lived, I am driven to get up to speed as quickly as I possible can.

For example, Adobe Illustrator has changed out of recognition from what it was when I sued it on a daily basis. So it is with Photoshop, which I have never used in the past.

In recent years, at least up to the point where I left Engineering in February 2015, I occupied executive positions within the Engineering world. Creating those illustrations and demonstration documents was now far in the past. The positions I held you might liken to the captain of a large ship, a cruise ship, if you like. I could never leave the deck; my presence was always required because the work I did was global.

You get the sense of where I was three years ago to the position I held in February 2017 when I began what is now my artist career.

However long ago was that work of computer generated graphics within my work as an Engineer, I have a natural disposition to it. I was able to created work that started people. No one could create anything like them. A manager, many of them quite senior, could in a very few words, tell me what they wanted and I would continually surprise them with the quality of the work, the speed at which I produce them and the way in which I chose to express their requirements. Almost always they were far beyond what they had in mind and far beyond anything they could have expected.

Hence my ability to create Digital Art, or Mixed Media as some in the Art World like to call it.

I feel that in many ways I have reached a plateau. It is this sense that has driven me to write this piece: to allow me to articulate where I am and where I am headed and the means by which I will get there.

It might be supposed that, in writing this piece I am talking to myself. That is not true. In writing publicly, as I am doing, I am sharing my thoughts and awarenesses with others. It is up to others, readers of this piece to decide whether they find it interesting or not.

As I have said I have a deep felt inner sense of what I want and where I want to go, And will go.  I know, have the deep felt conviction that I well get there and will achieve my goals. I know that. What I don’t know at present is how.

I don’t know, simply haven’t a clue at this stage where my endevours will lead me. I can only explore possibilities. For me the limitation, among others, is j

incomplete and unedited.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 26 Maty, 2018


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