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Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

On the Popularity of Towards Better Democracy: Thank you

I have never been one to pursue or pander to popularity. I shy away from it and detest those who do. Work of whatever form should stand on its own merits.

I can’t say I am thrilled at the prospect of having few readers, but if one person only reads a piece I put up, that is better than none.

Recently I have noticed that the number of people who have adopted to follow the blog has increased dramatically. I say dramatically because, up to about a month ago, one or two people did so over the course of, let us say, a month. Last week something like 10 or more did so. When the blog was in full swing serving its original purpose, the number of followers was very high. In the hundreds. But the content was highly political and followers and visitors were commited to the subjects being discussed. There was a lively debate in the comments column. I will not under any circumstances tolerate abuse. So, such practices were completely absent from those comments and those who engage in filth and disreputable behaviour stayed away. Now I don’t get any comments and I am glad.

I put up music for the most part and no comment is necessary, either on my part or on the part of my followers and visitors.

I am gratified always at the geographical spread of those who visit and those who follow. I don’t much care to name names but I would like to mention one country, aside from the ususal countries that might be expected to be the home county of the majority of readers, and that is India.

For some reason obscure to me, Indians and I have a natural empathy between us which I feel every time I meet someone from that country. Quite something.

As is well known to those who follow the blog, I, from time to time credit and express my gratitude to the readers that take the trouble to come to the site or follow it.

Of course I would like hundreds of followers. But, in my view, I only merit such numbers if the content is worthy of those numbers. That I have any is something to be grateful for.

I never cease to be amazed at the following for difficult modern, wrongly termed, classical music. A great shout out to those who come to listen to those pieces. But you are all welcome. If you visit YouTube and listen to John Peel you will see what I mean.

I am a fervent follower of copyright and respectful of it so what I put up here is mindful of it.

I write quickly and have the attention span of a mouse – degrades mice, but never mind – so pieces that go up are often full of mistakes and sometimes incomplete. I have a dreafully wide range of interests which I conceal from the terrestrial population. Up here, who is going to be put out or have a creditably gap. Coming here is voluntary. And so I am hopping back and forth all day long. From this task to that and back again. For the most part I retain where I was. What I will learn is how to better husband my time. Not there yet, though.

But this is a blog and not a publishing medium. Were potential publishers to be reading I suppose I would put on a suit and tie to write. A black suit. It is not to inflict on you readers such bad practices. It is simply where I am at right now. And writing here is such fun.

Will what you see here get better. You bet your life it will.

Thank you, one and all.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 26 May, 2018



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