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Two Nuns

It is Ireland, land of no snakes and the Shamrock 🙂  Green rolling pastures and hardly any trees.

The photographer has set up his wood – I can’t immediately find what kind of wood they used – camera. Tripod stand, bellows, which flop out like Punch at a Punch and Judy stand, a press plunger on a long, black amoured switch cable, and a large black sort of sheeting affair. The cameraman – he might even wear a top hat – plunges into this black sort of hanging cloak and reemerges to adjust the bellows. In and out. In and out. Fiddling with some kind of steel ring on the front of the black accordion type bellows.

Two Irish nuns stood to back of his studio are having their photographs took.

They are wearing the traditional black habit complete with white cowl. This envelops the head and wraps close to the face. They are usually of a certain age and usually wear rimless specs. They have some sort of swing thing hanging from their waists. Other accoutrements as well but we won’t worry about those.

“Whaut’s he tryign’ tae do, Sister?”

“Heee’s tryign’ tae focus.”

“Whaat, bowth of uus?”

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 26 May, 2018



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