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How long will we last?

There is a long history in English literature of satire and of the grotesque as there is in other countries in Europe. As an example of this see: A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland Being a Burden on Their Parents  sometimes knows as A Modest Proposal for Eating Children. The title is not popular for obvious reasons.


How long will we last
Frail species upon God’s earth

Assuming we don’t kill our home
In the meantime?

Well, let’s take a guess
Shall we

Anthropology tells us we are millions of years old
In one form or another

Can any of you see that far into the future?

I know I can’t

But I will say this

In all those years we evolved
Through a mechanism over which we have no control

And so it will be

We thing we are so smart; have control of our minds, have trained them
Since the Greeks of old
And you have to say, you and I, that we have done pretty well

Who will be the first man to traveel at the speed of life
For we can’t can’t travel faster than that

Einstein, one of our Scientific Gods says to
And who ae we, you and I, to say he is wrong

But, there is another Human God, Charles Darwin, whom many deny
At their peril, as were Flat Earthers and those who are visited deep in the night
When they are wearing their aluminium cooking foil hats.

We once thought that the Earth Ruled the Sun. But we been to the Moon
Though some doubt that. An awful lot of money to fake that.

The unspent money, put in the bank, would now feed us all for centuries to come
Now, come on, not to destroy World Hunger, I didn’t say that.

But Darwin, despite those who dispute, showed us how we evolved and how we will be

In time to come.

That we will evolve is an undisputable fact. Centuries of life are witness to that. Those who sit
at home swigging their beer, wedded to the fridge, have never sailed on the Beagle, likely do not know its name.

With no high school diploma you can’t know much
Never mind tomorrow when the Robots come to take us away
To where? A new found Bukenwald, perhaps

But if you listen to Darwin and study some of brethern around us from large to small:

200 to 600 tons I think we can see, unless you are a Flat Earther, or a Holocast Denier,
Worship at the feet of Ann Ryand and her like, you will know that, as we look down the microscope
And provided we can look and look and look in Hollywood style, we shall travel far further than can that man in his thing that travels so fast it is neither wave nor particle. Imagine that.

I know I can’t

How far down shall we go. Well, it depends. Just as our man who is both wave and particle – how would he look? Transgender, perhpas. Funny things happen under such circumstances. Fear of the unknown.

But return to Dear Charles before we get too carried away with our imagings. All those things we can see and cannot see, are us

They are in our body and the body of whatever form, some not. They don’t have bodies, poor things, Can you imagine such a thing.

I know I can’t
Skinned alive. We know that. All saw the movie? No? Hurry off now, break from these words and go see the mirror of us all.

Will our man on his joyride ever come back. To return and climb out of his contraption as both Wave and particle. Would we recognize him
I know I would not.

But our journey’s better. You don’t have to leave the Earth. You can peer into those downward looking binoculars and see futher than we can see into space

I am told there lies in our body there lie a thousand, thousand million – English billion in case you wondered – of those things you can see peering down
I rather look there. I am stood here, all 1 bn bits of me.

That figure, I am assured, is trivial compared to the number is trivial to that of the number in a six hundred ton whale

I can’t figure that

That is what controls us. That is what will make us during the course of the millions of years yet to come.

It is happening to you as you read these words – and even me who writes them – it is happening in your sleep and when you eat. And during whatever else you do with your time.

Can you measure that. So infinitely small that even Flat Earthers can’t see this movement we undergo every day with time.

And so, over the course of a million years or so, we will change. Will no longer grow beards. Cease to look like men or women or anything in between.

But you and I will be long gone. We will no longer have to read those abusive comments on the Web. Thank God to be freed from that. We’ll be off to a infitite sleep. Or whatever takes fancy or are told to beliive.

But if you are not sure, then ask a Flat Earther. He’ll know. Already knows. And he’ll already there.

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 31 May, 2018


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