Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

A note on the Art Work

Terms and Condition of Sale of Art Work

  1. The Art shown on is available directly from the Artist, should any reader, visitor or follower of Towards Better Democracy express interest, or any prospective Buyer approaching the Artist directly.
  2. The Price given on the Saatchi Art site is for Buyers who visit the Artist’s online gallery, or in any other gallery. Such Buyers are not considered as Direct Buyers.
  3. The Price for Buyers who approach the Artist directly is negotiable. That is to say, the Artist’s primary goal is to see his Art owned by people who will enjoy the Work on their walls, ostensibly for the rest of their lives. And Price should not be a barrier to ownership.
  4. Works are printed using latest technology 12 to 16 colour laser printers, for the most part Hewlett Packard or Epson. The printers are customarily calibrated on a daily basis.
  5. The Artist’s Printers specialize in Fine Art and print to Museum Quality using Archival Papers, other Media, and Mounts. The Artist has established close relationships with Printers in Los Angeles, California; Brooklyn, New York; Edinburgh, Scotland; and London in England. The network of Printers will extend to the European Continent, at least initially.
  6. Framing of any Work depends on the decision made between Printer and Artist, but as a general rule, are not framed. Framing, where not selected as part of the completed Work, depends upon Buyer preferences. Buyers who wish for this Option should work with the Artist at the Point of Sale.
  7. Media used for Printing will vary with the objective of matching the media chosen to maintain the integrity of the Work. Papers will be of Museum quality, but always of Museum Quality. Other possible media are: Linen, Water Colour Paper, and the like. Gloss paper is not used, nor is Hard Bright White.  Glazing is not used, but if chosen as an Option by a Buyer, is of Museum Quality Safety Glass or High uv Archival Acrylic. Buyers should be aware that glazing is costly.
  8. Works are mounted on Archival material usually of 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, but may be more, depending on the work. Unframed works will have the Work wrapped round the edges of the media to complete the integrity of the work. Buyers may express preferences for mounting Media which need to be made at the Point of Sale.
  9. Works are printed on Demand, and Delivery will be dependent on Buyers’ preferences, should there be any, and their geographical location. Shipping is usually 7 days. Shipping cost is at Buyer’s expense as is Insurance. Buyer should request Insurance at Point of Sale. Shipping will usually be by FedEx. Expedited shipping is available.
  10. All works are carefully packed in boxes, usually 2 or 3 nested inside each other. Crates can be used at the request of Buyers. The extra cost of these will be added to the Sale Price.
  11. A Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Artist, accompanies each Work.
  12. PayPal is the preferred means of Payment. 100% of Sale Price is due at Point of Sale.
  13. Refund of Works is available within 7 days of Receipt and subject to a 50% Deduction on the Sale Price. Return shipping is at Buyer’s Cost, as is Insurance. Damage to Returns are subject to Retention of complete Sale Price. Returns must be Shipped within 7 days. Works may not be Returned until the Receipt of an RMA by the Buyer. Photographs of the damage must accompany the Returned Work.
  14. Works are Guaranteed. Should the Sold Work arrive damaged, the Work may be returned subject to Receipt of an RMA. Buyer may not ship until its receipt. Should the Work deteriorate in any way during the 1 year of ownership, the Artist undertakes to pay Return Shipping cost, the original Shipping cost, and return of the full Sales Price. The Work may be replaced at the discretion of the Buyer. Under these conditions, the Sales Price of the Replacement Work will be subject to negotiation between Buyer and Artist.
  15. Loan of Works is available for a Specified period, usually 6 months, for a 50% Non Refundable Deposit. The Deposit is deducted from the Sales Price should the Work be Purchased. Lending on is not permitted.
  16. Loans for the purpose of Collect Works or Multiple Artist Showings are the subject of Terms and Conditions separately negotiated.
  17. The Artist retains the Right to employ an Agent to act on his behalf.
  18. Copyright of all Works remains with the Artist in perpetuity, and Buyers are expected to abide by this Provision. Photography, or any other means of reproduction, of Works for Commercial Purposes whatsoever in not permitted.
  19. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

The Artist’s objective to create Works which maintain their integrity regardless of media, framing, and glazing should the latter be included. The Works are created to be enjoyed, to give pleasure to others, and to add to aesthetic vocabulary of all who see them.

Malcolm DB Munro
Saturday 16 June, 2018




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