Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

When havoc breaks out

When havoc breaks out
And the Sten guns crackle with their unearthly roar
Soldiers running amok
The lights play out from the towers
In their deadly sweep
The helicopters overhead
Rockets primed to fire
Madness has at long last shown itself
In splendid nakedness
We knew all along
Were waiting for its

There’s no sense in this
Killing the innocents
Bound and gagged
No crime but that of the perpetrators
And their objective none
But to splay their venom
The anger they feel inside

But where does it come from
This deadly bile
The inevitable decline

Only the deadliness of man
In wanton holy violence
Unleashed again
No stopping it
For centuries it did not make sense
Even now less

No barriers protect
No border safe, not impediment
No Country impervious

No words effect
No language understood
An Armageddon, maybe
A reckoning, perhaps

Who knows
There is no dialogue with insanity
When havoc breaks out
Get the hell out

Run, run to the wilds and hills and stay there
Better to live in desolation, far from the crowds
Who serve as wanton fodder
How many we won’t know
‘Til later, much later
Until the madness plays itself out
But it may not, maybe this State
Will last forever

Violence reigns supreme
Better to live on the fringe
Away from harm
And live there ’til better times
As they surely will

But it may take a while.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 19 June, 2018



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