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A more personal note on Closely Observed Trains

A more personal note on Closely Observed Trains

Closely Observed Trains is by far my most personal work so far. The layers are multifold and are too many to speak of here.

Closely Observed Trains expresses this artist’s view of the world. Paradoxically, as this work suggests, there is also a spontaneity and ease in observing.

No detail is too small. In observing both people and objects, movement and action, around me, I view the outer world in which I live, in which I exist, with a heightened perception. And, actually, this increased perception is more than that. There is an understanding and intuitive grasp of what I see and hear. And sense.

Light, I think I am right in saying, is important to every artist. The phoneme of light has always been important, but, like fish swimming in water, I never in past have noticed. Perhaps other awarenesses I am discovering have the same likeness.

Closely Observed Trains is, if you are following me, more than a metaphor. Indeed, likely there are no words to express what the phrase means within the artistic and visual context. Otherwise, why create the work if what has been created can be expressed fully in words.

What, then, Closely Observed Trains does as a work is to express a way of life. The way of life of an artist.

And maybe, just maybe, allows one’s sensitivity to show.

Thursday 16 August, 2018


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