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My Architect – Music for Electric Sheep, an update

This mantle has not much been make public because for most people there is a credibility gap. How can a person who is already a fully fledged Artist compose music as well. But, what the hell, my light has been hid all these years. Why should it be hid any longer. I compose and that’s it. I do.

Music for Electric Sheep, for those you who closely follow this blog will know that the pieces was begun in June, 2017 and has, I suppose, been long in gestation.

All work, for what ever I compose, will be done in analog with as little digital use as possible.

To that end a number of Nakamichi cassette tape recorders were purchased. For those of you who come after the tape age, these preceded Compact Discs and, before them, 8 track tapes – horrible.

The Compact Disc ruined music. They are tinny and brittle of sound. Tops and bottoms are cut off. Should you doubt what I am saying, try a YouTube video against an album you love.

The transion will then be made to reel to reel tape recorder. In the meantime, an analogue amplifier is sought to get rid of the Yahama I am using.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 21 August, 2018
My Architect



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