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Kingfisher – a status report

Fundraising has begun with a view to garnering up Launch Capital. The company will act as an umbrella for various other projects, some undefined at this stage. A fellow referred to as an Art Broker spoke of offering equity but he turned away during the week to, as I joke with those around, to swim with the sharks. I was relieved as he felt tacky. Not my thing, people who make vast claims the minute you meet them.
A draft prospectus is being drawn up and a budget compiled. Launch Capital is always difficult to acquire since it is discretionary, that is to say, the investor(s) may lose their money and ROI is difficult to define at such an early stage.
The product is my art work which is a peculiar source of income and adds to the problematic of raising the money. Still, it will happen, people, those who invest, have to believe in me as a Creative and in my work which is only unidimensional for the time being. From where it is beyond for me to say. With an art studio this can be greatly expanded.
It is interesting to come to the city and make it a base, having worked in the Continental United States and Internationally. Winter Street – a collection of buildings here in the city, an Art District of sorts, houses a host of artists, each in their own studios, is not my thing and I work far above that level.
Art Work
A person deeply involved in the art world and of long experience, said to me Wednesday last week, prodding the computer screen, after having looked at the work, “This will sell if properly presented.”
Hm. This is true. How to do this. Well, having found such acclaim for the work – being accepted for three out of four art calls that I applied for, on my return from TOAF London, I decided that a period of – recapitulation was required, principally to acquire all that is required to become a fully fledged professional Artist. Among other activities is to get the work up on better presented. With 242 works up there at present, this is a daunting task, but a start has to be made somewhere.
The principal problem with the work as presently shown looks like a screen with no sense of the physical nature of the work in the to be sold condition, as it would be in a gallery, for instance. So, simulacrums – sims – are being created to suggest how the physical work will look. The write up is being upgrated to a more professional level. Initially, I simply put up the work as I created it. Some days, on waking up, six or seven ideas or concepts would flood into me and so I would create them and the results are there for all to see.
Commissions are sought as are public art works: see the Byzantine Project below.
A domain name, was secured some time ago and so a website is required.
Art Studio and Gallery
At present Vine Street Studios is the prime candidate for the Studio. I have visited it now three times. The asking price for the lease of the space I would like is $2250 with all sorts of addons: parking, fees for public space in the building. There is a 40% of internal space devoted to halls ways with arm chairs and so on. Quite attractive and quite unlike any space I know of. The owner is keen to have me as a tenant and our final price for leasing will be lower than his asking price. We’ll see.
Kingfisher Advisors
This is nascent as present but I am being encouraged to do both: advise corporations on Good Corporate Governance and Businesses on Good Business Practices, besides my Art work. Seems a tall order and Art will always be the prime goal.
Kingfisher Gallery
The gallery is a vehicle rather than a storefront in the traditional gallery mode. At present the plan is to bring Internationally well established artists to Houston. The advantages of owning a gallery as an Artist are multifold. Suffice to say that one is that I get access to Artsy which is by far and away best outlet to sell online.
Kingfisher Building
The plan here is to build a permanent home. The building will be a self standing package, have an anchor tenant who signs a lease for 5 years. The project would not go ahead until such a tenant has been secured. My Turkish Architect friend asks for 1/3 project cost as fee. For this I can get a well known architectural practice to design. Builders are straightforward to find. As is funding for such a project as are project funders. I have looked at a couple of pieces of land, they are green field, that is to say they have not been previously built on. Utities are a problem for unbuilt land but has to be part of the package. The building would likely be two story and a quick build. I can’t imagine it going up in 1 year but 18 months is possible and achievable if the building is not complex in design. I would like it eco but that might add unnecessarily to cost.
Permanent Studio
Land has been offered to me in Angleton. Texas. Not the closest of places. This is through an Electrical Engineering Consultant friend who raises chickens there. The land is currently being prepared for use and a building would just be a studio. 1000 sq ft or so.
The Byzantine Project
Funding on this begins tomorrow. With funds procured, likely under the auspice of a 501(3) c company, the concept can be developed, initially in what I call maquette form. The De Menil organisation will be receptive to an approach which offers its own funding. And a nonprofit is likely to add to the attraction. The challenge here is to come up with a compelling visual that has people look up to where the mosaic one was.
A Greek island, Chios will be adopted for the project. There are two small Byzantine Chapels on the island, one of great antiquity, hewn from solid rock.
And. of course, this bloody blog to populate.
Malcolm D B Munro

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