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My Architect – Music for Electric Sheep, an update

This work, begun in June of 2017, is developing, having started as a highly dissonant piece is now more melodic. At least compared to where it was. With an underlying basic time sequence, building on top of this is straightforward – I know, easy for me to say.

Texas Southern University, in common with all universities in this area that have music departments, replaces the pianos made available to students every year – I know, folks, this is the grand old US of A – is having a piano sale. This is offered by the manufacturer, Kawai. The Kawai is my favoured instrument principally for two reasons: I have a very light touch as a player and require a good return on the keys, and the piano lends itself well to tempering. Tempering occurs after tuning where each string, where there are multiples of them, is tuned each in sympathy with each other. The improvement in sound is dramatic.

I have been invited by the manufacturer to view the instruments, which are only a year old, to view what is available. The prices, I understand, are attractive. So I toddle off to look at them later today. Where to put the thing until I have a studio to house it, I don’t know, though I have an idea. Where the money will come from, should I choose a baby grand, I have no idea, but, since My Architect is embedded within Kingfisher, it will be found somehow.

Wish me luck.

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 25 August, 2018


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