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The Byzantine Chapel Project – The Byzantine Art Tradition

For some unfashionable reason, the Art History Books, cerntainly the ones I own, lump Byzantine Art inside Medieval Art. And, perhaps because of the patina of age, Byzantine Mosaics don’t photograph well. This is obviously the reason why Dominique De Menil spent so much time and money on the restoarion of the mosaic she rescued.

From Trover

In researcher the Byzantine Tradition one comes across odd connections. A friend who teaches German at a local university mentioned that Charlemagne copied the art in the cathedral in Ravenna when building the cathedral in Aachen.

San Apollinare in Classe Interior View of Nave,  Byzantine Church ca. 549 Ravenna, Italy
From Erik Inglis, Department of Art, Medieval Art



The challenge for the Artist in a project like this is to come up with a visually compelling construction that draws the spectors’ eyes  upward. I am not sure that any of the concepts I have to date do this. One cannot, of course, come up with anything close to the original mosaic, but you never know.

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 26 August, 2018





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