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In the Mirror Pain

In the mirror pain
One sees the face where it is plain
Of the life led hopeless.
One sees the marks
Of the fears one feels.
Of how intimidated you are,
At your life, and how it is led
You have all but forgotten
the person you were.

The disappointments, the setbacks
The fears
That you find difficult to face.
To stare down and say,
“I do not fear you, I will not bow.
“You cannot hold me in your
“Steel bound, iron cage.”
And yet it does; imprisons you.


And so you flinch;
It is too difficult to face
This pain in here.
That holds you, grips you,
Will not let go, this self inflicted
Irresolute, despondent life.
For you do not need
To respond this way.


You let its sombre shadows
Overhang you,
The morning after blue.
The fights, the disagreements,
Those times you did not get your way,
Where foolishly you leapt into the fray.
Where you willed against what told you
In your inner self, that you were wrong
To do what wilfully you did.


You gave up hope in black despair.
It has not left you, now chains you.
Weighted you are, freighted with these fears.
Stooped your shoulders, you gave in.
“These forces,” you thought,
“Overwhelm me. What can I do
“But just give up?”



And so you thought,
And thought and thought,
And stared into the air
Of black night’s sleeplessness.
And tossed and turned
Despite. Your thoughts are clear.
“I will no longer will in the mirror look
“But stand outside this mental space
“And see these thoughts for what they are
“These that fill the head with dark, dark despair
“That hang heavy on my heart
“And see them from afar.”


One morning bright you wake up
And in the sunlight’s shaft of light
Discover that the pain has gone.
Hope has returned, a new life begun,
You’re wiser now, you have conquered
Your despair.
Your self-gained knowledge now
Will lead you not
Into that dark place
Where before you lived your life.

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday February 18, 2016





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