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Concept – Plan B: 21 Century Interpretation of a Greek Byzantine Chapel to be built in Houston, Texas

The Concept – Plan B: 21 Century Interpretation of a Greek Byzantine Chapel to be built in Houston, Texas

The concept cetres on the idea of taking, as a base for the concept, an existing chapel built somewhere between 800 and 1200 AD in Greece, likely based on one of the two located on the island of Chios, and to take the host chapel as a model and interpret it for the 21 Century.

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Ναός Παναγίας Κρήνας

An international competition would call for world leading architects to submit a design for such a building.

The artist learned, during the course of the week beginning 28 October, 2018, after conceiving of the concept back in August of this year, that such a building exists in New York. The original building in New York was destroyed along with Trade Towers. Calatrava designed the new chapel.

The purpose of creating such a building in Houston, Texas is to continue and perpetuate the glorious tradition of Byzantine Art as exemplified in Greek Otho doz churches at the time the art flourish. but created to match our times in a continuation of that tradition. The building need not be a church per se, but could, instead, celebrate the history  of the Greek pretense in Houston,( see Greeks in Houston and GreekHousto,com )_or do both. The building would also add to the artistic attractions based in Houston, Texas, and to add prestige to the Greek Orthodox community in that city.

The concept embraces a much more modest structure (see Greek Church Architecture) than that conceived for New York. In fact, given the costs of structures such as that being discussed, the structure need not be a complete building but a reinterpretation of a ruin in Greece,

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 8 November, 2018

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