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The Tipping Point: +1.5 deg Celsius average in Global Warming

The Tipping Point.The Tipping Point: +1.5 deg Celsius average in Global Warming                                      Limited Edition 1 of 10
Mixed Media


The Tipping Point: +1.5 deg Celsius

The Tipping Point is one of a series of Eco works but it is by far the most serious executed to date.

The writeupelow indicates what happens if  the temperature shown is in danger of being  reached and exceeded.

The work, therefore, is a warning, an effort on the part of this artist, to contribute to the media warnings which are attempting to draw attention to a peril we all face.

Should the temperature of around 2.0 deg Celsius be passed, the results will be a devastation which will wipe out all living species on this earth other than perhaps bacteria, and is akin to the several Ice Ages the planet has experienced in the past.

If human kind ignores this peril, they are willfully and deliberately assuring themselves of certain destruction.

At around 2.0 deg Celsius, Global Warming will have reached a point at with no effort will reduce the current rate of Global Temperature increase, and the rate of temperature will continue to rise.

At this point, the planet will become uninhabitable for human beings and other species. The environment generally will have been destroyed and toxic atmospheric gases will contribute to the destruction.

Therefore, +1.5 deg Celsius is regarded as the point at which Global Warming has to be arrested or, better, decreased. The effort to achieve this will take strenuous world-wide of coordination and cooperation to arrest the increase.

Should 2.0 deg Celsius be reached the rise in temperature becomes irreversible, regardless of any effort made to arrest the increasing temperature. The timescale for the temperature passing this point is problematic to predict since the rise is dependent on a number of factors. not least of which is the rate at which human actively continues to contributes to this warming.

Consequently, experts in Global Warming can only give predictive dates. At the current rate of warming, what I have called the Tipping Point, will occur in 10 – 20 -30 years time.

This is no reason for complacency since the sooner the effort to arrest the rise in Global Warming is made, the greater the chance of our success.and survival

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 16 November, 2-18

Note: the image will go up shortly.

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