Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Little Miss May

Littel Miss My

Little Miss May is one of a series of political works.

The idea of this series came because I am highly political and have formulated in recent weeks a series of one liners on my blog Towards Better Democracy. The challenge with such works is to create an work which has a greater universality than simply that of the moment to which the work may refer. In other words, to elevatre what is topical to a work that has endurance. The goal is not necessarily to create a piece such as the picture of Lord Kitchner pointing a finger at the viewer and saying, “Your Country Needs You.!”

Besides, such works are graphic and serve some immediate purpose. My aim is to create a work which is lifted to a level more in line with Fine Art. This is achieved by treating the creation in a manner that does so through the use of care and attention to detail. The works proposed are not created in a hurry but carefully composed to create something that is complete and satisfying.

The work here builds on a long traction of political lampoon peculiar to the English. In this I draw upon the work of my predecessors. Prime examples are Gilray and Rowlandson. The results they achieved are crude and obvious in the manner of their execution. But are acclaimed nonetheless. Modern cartoonists draw their inspiration from such works. Gerald Scarfe is the prime example in our time of these artists. Steve Bell, who creates for the Guardian newspaper,is another.

I also seek to create a different tradition, though that may be overly ambitions. My work also has its predecessors in line with what I have in mind. Many of the images from the late sixties, particularly 1968, have a wholly enduring quality. Those works will be with us for a very long time. They are what we refer to as classics.

And every generation creates them.

Malcolm D B Munro

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