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“This was the great political power struggle of our times – and ministers lost”

“This was the great political power struggle of our times – and ministers lost,”

… On the one hand, the Commons could do what modern British parliaments have normally done and, after much huffing and puffing, allow the government to get what it wants. On the other, it could do what parliaments too rarely do, but which many non-partisans have longed for it to do and, working cross-party, drag down the power of ministers and all the patronage and power at their disposal.

—Parliamentary sovereignty has always been significantly qualified, ever since the Glorious Revolution of 1688-89 laid its modern foundations. Parliament is not in practice a collective Athenian-style assembly that does whatever it chooses, though its powers are sweeping. Parliament is a legislature that is controlled and structured to benefit the executive – even a weak one such as May’s. Parliament’s sovereignty is managed by ministers on behalf of the crown, today as in 1689.

… a new and more rational form of parliamentary politics is evolving around the old parties. The faith-based politics of left and right is struggling to respond.

… It will surely leave a deep mark, not just on the Brexit outcome next week but also on the politics of the near future more generally. Amid so much failure elsewhere in our political system, this seems worth cherishing and cheering.

, The Gerardo, Wednesday 0 January, 2019

Malcolm D B Munro
Wednesday 0 January, 2019



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