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Text for He Who Wields the Sword Dies by the Sword

He who wields the sword dies by the sword
He who wields the sword dies by the sword                  Copyright the Artist

When one conceives of a work, one doesn’t always realize what has influenced the composition. Only on completion do any realizations, if any, come as to what has led to its creation.

In the case of this work, there are two: The visual echos Magritte’s Golconda. The title comes from the bible which is variously paraphrased dependeing on the translation.

I had considered placing a large Maltese cross as a backdrop but this would have saturated the image.

Wanting to use the Maltese cross gives a more direct clue as to the inspiration. The style of the sword is that used by the Knights Templar.

The broadsword is a deadly weapon when wielded by an expert. Not only does its thrust kill instantly but, used in broadside, will cause concussion if not death, and will certainly knock a rider from a horse.

The sword in Western Civilization is a potent symbol with many meanings and interpretations. Swords are sued still widely used for ceremonial pruoses. As used in this work, the broadsword is symbolic of those who declared themselves to be Protectors of the Faith.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 4 February, 2019


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