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Henry – Evaluation of Unsolicited Proposals

Evaluation of Unsolicited Proposals

  1. Developers may propose a joint development project and submit the proposal to Henry. Such proposals must conform with the Transit Oriented Development Goals and Strategies. If the joint development project meets the specified goals and criteria, the Real Estate and Property Management staff will analyze the proposal using a joint development evaluation form or similar document(s).
  2. Developers shall submit a recent (within the last 12 months) audited financial statement of financial assets, cash flow statement and/or provide evidence that key construction companies are bondable.
  3. A joint development evaluation form will be used to review the proposed project. Henry will advise the developer whether the proposal meets the Transit Oriented Development Goals and Strategies. If the proposal meets the goals and strategies, Henry will advise the proposer of Henry’s interest, and appropriate procurement procedures will be followed to allow for any further proposals to be received from the public. If no further proposals are received and Board authorization will be requested.

Malcolm D B Munro
The Munro Partnership
Saturday 30 March, 2019


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