Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

Good morning, America

Good morning, America
How are you today?

Are you still the fine country
You once were?

Do you still have your yodelers
And singers of charm
A cowboy in the saddle
For the day is long
Out on the prairie?

Don’t you yearn for those
Simpler then,
Your heroes
The cowboys
Always on the trail?

You remember them, don’t you?

Celebrated in Hollywood
Celluloid dreams.

You remember their names, don’t you?
I needn’t repeat them here.

Some were real, though,
Weren’t they? You celebrated them too,
Didn’t you?

Of their deeds
Their deriding do’s.
Their criminal acts
Living by the Gun

Do you still celebrate those?

These cowboys
With their innocent air
Stetsons and Remingtons
Killed, didn’t they?

Airbrushed over
The Genocide did
Pushed out of mind

And conscience as well?

The Non Native Native Americans
Pushed to the fringe
American Apartheid, not?

Today you bury your heads
No longer held high
A vast nation
The envy of  the World
No longer held.

Your spirit

What happened to you
My once bright beloved
A bright star in the sky.
You no longer hace
Pleasant dreams.

No longer are you hail and cheerful
But surly and dour
Each morning to greet each other
With a snarl.

Do you live, America
Or are you dying?
Tjhe American Dream
A Nightmare.

The Ugly American

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 23 September,2019



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