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The problem of extended life expediencies in humans

The problem of extended life expediencies in humans

With a subject such as extended life expectancy, one can only, at first blush, touch on the problem. Others can use a different term if they prefer.

There are, of course, likely to be many problems associated with larger geriatric populations but, if we are to be brief, we can only focus on the one raised here. You are probably thinking of other examples already. Mobility issues, for a start.

If one looks at the projections of life expectancy growth, the figures can be alarming. Sources differ in their projections so only one will be given.

Besides, what concerns us is not the specifics but the general. Once the general has been grasped, the specifics follow.

The report of an 74 year old woman having a baby, in a way, even if only tangentially in this case, bears out the insidious effect that increases in success in medicine and medical technology are complicit in the problem of delayed aging. And this is in spite of projected world population growth. Figures differ so much as to projected world population growth, let’s accept that we face astronomical increases in the population of the world as a whole. Nation-state figures are of little value since such entities are false constructs in the first place.

We don’t want to conquer all diseases and we are foolish to even think of doing so. The MD Anderson Cancer Clinic here in Houston, Texas, has a red line through the word “cancer”. Idiotic. If we knew what to expect tomorrow and the day after, we would not bother living. Why bother living if you know everything in advance.

Masters of the Universe we are assuredly not. And the sooner we learn of our place in a wider world – minuscule, in fact – meaning far beyond the confines of this planet – the better off we will be. And quickly too.

Our hubris knows no bounds. About time that changed.

Still. As we grapple with the effects of human destruction to our home, this planet, a wholesale view of our world and of ourselves is needed. No, required.

How about a Bill of Rights for Animals, for a start.

No doubt the figures of aging projections can be argued against. Such projections are like opinion polls, hopefully with greater value.

Regardless of which projection we look at, my point is a simple one. We, as individual,  do not know enough about the aging process. At present, we are not informed as to the demographics of ailments and illnesses that are blighted on the aging. And aging, whether we like it or not, is a part of every life form on the planet. Except one, apparantly. But you can look up that for yourself.

To attempt clarify, what I am saying is: we are taught to live healthy lives, go to the doctor, exercise, and so on. But there is currently no education program that teaches us what to expect.

Now, if you get the point, if I have made it clearly enough, then questions arise, not least of which is, what are we going to do about the rapid increase in life expectancy and of individuals and agencies knowing what to expect and of how to be prepared .

I will not go into specifics here. The matter raised is for one of dialogue not monologue.

Responses please.

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 23 September, 2019




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