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A Call to the President of Rice University, Houston, Texas: Adopt a small ecological footprint

A Call to the President of Rice University, Houston, Texas: Adopt a small ecological footprint

Rice University is a small, much esteemed higher education facility within the city of Houston.  The university has enjoyed a high standing throughout the tertiary education community in the United States and beyond for decades.

The university is self-contained in that it is situated on a unitary campus  This means that the University has charge of its environs and can take and implement the necessary steps to become a model for ecological responsibility and serve as an exemplar to both its home city of Houston, and to other universities in the United States, if not else where.

The drive towards a small ecological footprint should take the form of a business model, with a mission statement and projected goals and a stated means of attaining  them. The University would be advised in seeking and gaining sponsors as indication to the world at large that Rice University has the support of others who, in turn, might decide to adopt similar aims as part of their business model.

Good Corporate Governance and Citizenry, and Corporate Excellence extend to the world in which the corporation finds itself.

Rice University is well paced to become a Center of Excellence for Ecological Studies and their Application, should it choose to do so.

The President of Rice University is urged to adopt this challenge which will surely bring greater honour and prestige to the university he serves.

In closing, the writer wishes to state that he has no desire or  intention of having his mane attached to whatever the university chooses to do, since the call must be agnostic.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 8 October, 2019





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