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Arranging a marriage between the Artist and the Enineer

Arranging a marriage between the Artist and the Engineer

This insight came two days ago.

Beginning in February, 2017, leaving behind me, I thought, a lifetime practicing as an Engineer, I knew that, at some point, a transformation would take place in my art through some means, though I did not know at that time what it would be  – still don’t, actually – 

Now I view what is taking place as a sort of left shoe and right shoe: Concept artist and enginee the Munro Partners came to a buffer stop in December 2016 when funding for a fairly small amount of money seemed beyond reach. Larger sums are easier because there is a clear ROI. With a small sum would have to be discretionary/ That is to say, the funds could create a return or none at all. Therefore, the partnership went quiescent. I don’t think of it dead.

In January 2017, during the course of conducting some business project work, Corporate Guidance, Good Business Practices, Corporate Excellence and so, that project touched on the highest levels of that area. The work was through a top 500 company and, one day, during the course of the work, as I was leaving and walking to the car, parked right outside the client’s building – they are in the middle of downtown, and, as I stood on the side walk, fumbling for my car keys, I had a revelation: what I was doing involved concept engineer. The shock of recognition was powerful. I was stunned.

I drove up Memorial and stopped at the Valero to get a fountain drink. I was in such a state of shock that I could not operate the fountain so I asked what was clearly a very kind lady – the word used advisedly – if she could help.

So … What I envision is to revamp my LinkedIn profile to reflect the fact that, in reality I am a concept artist and engineer.

And that’s it.

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 17 January, 2019














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