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The Northern Hymn – Kammarheit

The Northern Hymn – Kammarheit

Saturday 13 April, 2019


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Ozrics in Trance

Ozrics in Trance

Tuesday 9 April, 2019

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The Miracle of Life

Don and I stood talking
Here outside

A gust of wind blew
A squirrel

Out of a palm 50 feet
Landed on its back

A minute later rolled upright
A minute more
Scampered away.
On its way.

Friday 5 April, 2019




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Georg Friedrich Handel – 8 Cembalo Suites, Laura Alvini

Georg Friedrich Handel – 8 Cembalo Suites, Laura Alvini

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 10 February, 2019

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U137 – Watching The Storm

U137 – Watching The Storm

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 7 February, 2019

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What’s my art market like?

What’s my art market like?

Those around me, not connected with the arts,  wonder aloud at how much the sort of work I do sells  Is there a market for it?

I have wondered myself sometimes. I don’t do the work I do because of any market considerations. I simply do the work I because I love it, I am not  depictive, though I used to be when i drew life drawing but that was many years ago.

This morning I came across the graphic below.

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 12.21.53

Auction turnover distribution per Creation period (2017/2018)

Kinda makes the point/

No art people visit this site so I am not giving anything away.  Besides, despite the shenanigans that certain artists engage in, you can’t fake the work. You will have a squeaky door rather than well oiled hinges.

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 27 January, 2019

Source: Art Price





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Concept: We Can Conserve


we conserve – WCCI

“Let’s ensure, for our great-grandchildren, our great-great-grandchildren, and those far beyond them, a planet on which life is possible.”

The organization must not be a US oriented one. The organization must not be exclusionary but secular and above and beyond the petty rivalry of nation states. The mission must have the means to be universal and appeal to all who have the will and commitment to support it’s aims.

It needs to be said from the outset that any organization is doomed to fail at launch, or soon after, should that organization not have clear aims and goals. Every baby is born through care and attention.

The aim is simple: We can, as individuals world wide, significantly help reduce global warming. We cannot devolve to others, our would be leaders, what is ultimately our responsibility. We are not talking of using paper instead of plastic, laudable though such efforts are. No, we are talking of individual efforts initiated at a community level where people take charge of our future on the planet in their own way and within their own ability, reduce impact of the perils we face. The pyramids were built by thousands, albeit by slaves. Ants build vast structures.

The answer is simple: There are millions, billions, of people upon the planet. The combined effort of even a fraction of those can have an enormous impact. Far more than any corporation or collection of them, or of any government. The lack effort of these latter, in some cases, borders on the criminal were the means to prosecute implemented.

The means are simple: To reduce the waste in our lifestyles. We need not be frugal nor penurious, but modest and practical in the means that we adopt to lead a less profligate and careless lifestyle. For example, in the number of vehicles we own, and even a modest reduction in their use will, multiplied across the globe, have a significant cumulative effect. The small will be made great through sheer numbers.

The name of the organization is, at this stage, a working name. The International means that the organization is the platform for daughter organizations which are organized on a regional, country and local level which collectively combine to pursue the aims and objectives of the parent organization.

The governance of the organization will be developed as the concept, the project, moves forward. To do this, best practices will be adopted from elsewhere. We are not going to reinvent the wheel.

The organization’s mission is to be supported by the wealthy of the world. By wealthy is meant relative to the poor, hungry, disenfranchised and dispossessed of the world.

There is no reason on this earth why such latter individuals should not join in the efforts spoken of here. But simply that their contribution will be different in kind. After all, the organization seeks to act to preserve their interests, as well as others, in what surely lies ahead in terms of global warming. It is you who are worst affected by the prospects of results of global warming. But the organization will gain value should any of you choose to participate. Minds and action are equal, hungry or not.

To those reading this, I say: Should you own your own home or rent it, have a job and have some sense of security, you are wealthy in these terms. You have the power and ability to conserve which  is what the organization is all about, guiding and harvesting those efforts.

The organization recognizes, and wishes to respond to, the call for action in an effort to halt and, perhaps, even reverse current trends which indicate the destruction and and annihilation of our home, this earth. This language might seem to be hyperbolic but it is not. The present prediction of ”… by 2030 such and such will happen,” or “… by 2050 the world will be …” lie too far into the future and, given the universal habit of procrastination, “… oh, we have plenty of time ,,,”, we will not act. More immediate dates and targets, more realistic ones, need to be adopted, at least by this organization.

The concept of  We Can Conserve imagines a nonprofit organization which acts as a magnet to draw to it those citizens, wherever they live on the planet, who wish to contribute, as citizens. to the reduction of global warming. Such citizens understand, and are rightly alarmed at, the prospect of our total self-destruction.

We Can Conserve International,org serves as a platform to provide information and guidance – and harvesting the results and effects of such efforts – as to how citizens, as individuals or locally organized groups, can make a significant difference in reducing, and even reversing, the trends we are currently witnessing in the destruction of fellow species, ice melting, and sea and ocean temperature rises, and the desertification of some parts of the world. Such citizens who are drawn to We Can Conserve International org are informed and alarmed at the prospect of what the data trends we are told of by scientists and concerned organizations, terms of the data, the scientific evidence which shows with absolute charity the perils we face., who are wish and are willing to lead or help lead the organization into the real world.

Global worming is not a matter of belief. The facts are too numerous and multifaceted to not be true. Hard scientific evidence is not theological. And the studies have been carried out over a large span of time. How much evidence do you need to know that we are the guilty party. Of course, were this not true, we would not have been, and largely still are, in denial.

Should we continue on our present course (see the references below) without effort to reverse it, we face a dire world which at some point, sooner than we presently predict, will result in the total destruction of all life on our planet.

We, those of us who wish to, can make a difference, a significant, if not profound, difference. Should individual and community groups act, then the possibility exists of billions of people all over the planet achieving what corporations and governments can never achieve. We can conserve without being frugal, without greatly affecting our present lifestyle however and whatever that is, with notable exceptions; the powerless, the hungry, the disposed and displaced, we can recognize that we are profligate, create vast amounts of waste without thought. Citizens, filling the recycle bins is not enough. Doing good with good intentions is futile. What is required is a change of heart, a fundamental recognition that, in the end, we are all species, we are inseparably part of all life forms. We are not superior. We suffer from hubris and are alone among our fellow species in our wanton self destruction. No other species acts as we do. We are out of kilter, possibly even, out of control.

­This is a launch document in preliminary draft form. The intent is to draw others who wish to have a hand in the formation of the organization so that its realization is not the result of a single person.

Those interested may contact the author through comment on his blog, Towards Better Democracy, malcolmdbmunrodotorg

Copyright the Author. Protected under the Copyright Laws of the United States. Unauthorized use constitutes theft.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 22 January, 2019

A few references

  1.  We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN\
  2.  Climate Change
  3. Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC / Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  Date: 2018





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Artist / Engineer Update of LinkedIn entry

Plan to update of LinkedIn of Profile

Malcolm D B Munro
Artist / Engineer





Existing entry

Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 14 January, 2019


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The Aesthete’s Tenets

“Letting my freak flag fly high”

David Crosby, Almost cut my hair

Decades ago, actually when I was a younger man, I read Kenneth Clark’s book, Another Part of the Wood and adopted the tenets spoken within it.

Some of you may know Kenneth from his BBC Production, Civilization and the book which accompanied. The book is one of the finest of its kind, maybe even the finest, of its kind. Should the topic interest you, and you have not read Civilizations, you are urged to do so.

Here is Kenneth’s formulation for a life well led:

The pursuit of truth,

The maintenance of happiness,

And the creation of beauty

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 9 November, 2018



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Little Miss May

Little Miss May is one of a series of political works.

The idea of this series came because I am highly political and have formulated in recent weeks a series of one liners. The challenge with such works is to create an work which has a greater universality than simply that of the moment to which the work may refer. In other words, to lifft what is topical to a work that has endurance. The goal is not necessarily to create a piece such as the picture of Lord Kitchner pointing a finger at the viewer and saying, “Your Country Needs You.!”

Besides, such works are graphic and serve some immediate purpose. My aim is to create a work which is lifted to a level more in line with Fine Art. This is achieved by treating the creation in a manner that does so through the use of care and attention to detail. The works proposed are not created in a hurry but carefully composed to create something that is complete and satisfying.

The work here is based on a long traction of political lampoon peculiar to the English. In this I draw upon the work of my predecessors. Prime examples are Gilray and Rowlandson. The results they achieved are crude and obvious in the manner of their execution. But are acclaimed, nonetheless. Modern cartoonists draw their inspiration from such works. Gerald Scarfe is the prime example in our time of these artists. Steve Bell, who creates for the Guardian newspaper,is another.

I seek to create a different tradition, though that may be overly ambitions. My work has its predecessors in line with what I have in mind. Many of the images from the last sixties, particularly 1968, have a wholly enduring quality. Those works will be with us for a very long time. They are what we refer to as classics.

And every generation creates them.

 Malcolm D B Munro
Monday 13 November, 2018

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