Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg took her fight for climate change to Capitol Hill for a second day, demanding lawmakers “take real action.” (Sept. 18) AP, AP

A Canadian teen’s pledge not to have children until her government takes serious action against climate change is drawing support from young people around the globe.

Emma Lim, 18, launched a climate change movement this week called “#No Future, No Children” that includes a website where other teens can take her pledge.

“I am giving up my chance of having a family because I will only have children if I know I can keep them safe,” she says on her website. “It breaks my heart, but I created this pledge because I know I am not alone. … We’ve read the science, and now we’re pleading with our government.”

By Thursday afternoon more than 1,200 children had signed on. 

Nota bene: Kids are baby goats. Children do not deserve to be diminutized

Not sure at this point how the performance piece will structure. One thing for sure – no kids, only children.