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Piotr Tchaikovsky – Hymn of the Cherubim – USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir

Piotr Tchaikovsky – Hymn of the Cherubim – USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 21 July, 2018


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Franz Schubert – Im Abendrot, Fritz Wunderlich tenor, Hubert Giesen piano

Franz Schubert – Im Abendrot, Fritz Wunderlich tenor, Hubert Giesen piano

Malcolm D B Munro
Saturday 14 July, 2018

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Echoes and Signals – When the Time Has Come to Sail Away

Echoes and Signals – When the Time Has Come to Sail Away

Malcolm D B Munro
Friday 13 July, 2018

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Sebastian Zawadzki – Norn

Sebastian Zawadzki – Norn

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 1 July, 2018

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Led Zeppelin – How Many More Times

Led Zeppelin – How Many More Times

Thursday 28 June, 2018

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Reprehensible or not: James Comey: ‘You stare at children crying – what kind of people are we?’

Reprehensible or not: James Comey: ‘You stare at children crying – what kind of people are we?’

Malcolm D B Munro
Thursday 21 June, 2018

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Rise of the machines: has technology evolved beyond our control?

Rise of the machines: has technology evolved beyond our control?
Friday 15 June 2018, Thomas Brindle, The Guardian

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Leaving the Union

Leaving the Union

Leaving the Union                                                                 Copyright 2018 the Artist


Malcolm DB Munro
Monday 11 June, 2018

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Where we stand: Precursors to Black Empowerment

Where we stand: Precursors to Black Empowerment

When we are displaced either through force, circumstance or choice from our homes to another country we are separated from our cultural roots. Such a loss is great and impairs the ability of the immigrant to function is the adopted country, the host society.  Depending on the economic circumstances of the individual or family a generation may pass before the cultural barriers are overcome. Naturalization is a difficult often brutal process. The country now home to those who come here do not make it is and in some countries make it very difficult indeed. You decide for yourself where the US fits in this spectrum.

The long struggle and fight, still going on in the US, for Black People to be recognized as people and to be treated as equals by what have been their oppressors, White Americans, has precursors. By that I mean those who have been a part of this battle lie deep in the history of this mighty fight. For this battle has taken place in other places where, maybe, just maybe, it has been won.

Blacks in America have a steep hill, if not a mountain, to climb to achieve what is already theirs; their Rights due to them as Human Beings. Those rights are due equally everywhere by every human being on this planet. Those rights are denied Blacks. Blacks are not seen as equals, are not treated with respect, are not offered the full spectrum of opportunities that are available to others.

True progress has been made but it is far form me to say how much progress has been made. Far less to say how far Blacks have to go to feel and be treated fully as equals. It is true that black people are far more visible in public life. But to what extent. Barack Obama is a case in point.

But let it be said that doors should not opened such that positions are held by those who are not qualified nor competent to perform in those positions. The occupation of such positions needs be colour blind but there need be no requirement to accept to truly incompent. Should this occur we approach the situation of those countries where majority ruled governments give jobs to all their cronies. The effect of this on those countries is severe to the point of the country being reduced to sheer poverty, held hostage by a few kleptomaniacs.

But the doors of educations must be open and offer opportunities to the disadvantaged. Again these opportunities need to be colour blind. The disadvanted come from all walks of life and all communities. But again standards must not be lowered. Should they be the country suffers and a loss of prosperity results along with a loss of vigour. Worse still, a loss of competitiveness also results.

That is what the struggle is about, is it not? The right of at the very least equality with those who set themselves up as being superior to others, and who deny that right to those whom they see as different. And, through the adoption of this attitude, better known as prejudice, kill, massacre, suppress and colonize others for their own gain and pleasure.

In the case of this country, among other such acts, has been the enslavement of others, namely Blacks. Who were captured and dragged here in chains, and were forced to work in appalling conditions. The fight to set the negro free was a long one and not easily got.

The Civil War is still going on. The fight is still going on.

This is silly, ludicrous. Insane even. The colour that Blacks bring to American life lightens the life of us all. Blacks are unfailing cheerful. They seldom complain. And perform many jobs which whites refuse to do. OK, Blacks are not driven in the way that Anglo Saxons are. Theirs is a different view of life. They are not compelled to excel as Anglos are. Whatever excel means.. Blacks add immeasurably the vitality of the cultural mix. One or two or a tiny number of whites may misbehave, or act in some way that is out of line with cultural or legal norms. No harm comes to whites by way of disapproval, castigation, out-casting. But let a tiny minority of Blacks behave in this way, down to the tiny minor of infractions, and the whole of the Black community in America is put into disrepute. Blacks accrue a reputation which they do not deserve and none of whom did anything to cause this disapprobation. The black sheep in the flock damns the whole flock.

At root is a fear of assimilation. Of marriage across the colour line with a dilution of the community of white skinned people. Are there other causes? I don’t doubt there are.

What whites did historically to blacks was no less than a Crime against Humanity. In other places where such attitudes and conditions existed and some, still exist, there is, in some cases, a deep felt anger, resentment, bitterness which is carried over from generations. This is not the case with American Blacks. Little or no resentments exists over that population as a whole. In ghettos, this may be not true.

But in ghettos all over the world, there is anger and resentment at the conditions that the inhabitants find themselves in. Opportunities for such residents are far fewer than in other neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods and often civic authorities are negligent to the point of delinquent over their responsibility to the people who live in them.

What is required is nothing less than a recognition, an acknowledgement by the Government of these United States, speaking on behalf of the whole of the people of the US who are not black, that what was done in the past was wrong. Those who offer this need not and should not apologize but admit that what was done, either by the Original Colonies or within the contiguous 50 States. Actually both.

Until this day comes, America, however fine and special it thinks it is, will never be a country which is endowed with full dignity. When that day comes America will regain a dignity that the Founders Fathers had, and who wished all their hearts for every American have.

The Struggle will continue and must never be relinquished until such times as that admission is achieved. The presense of KKK and the NRA, and trigger happy Police who shoot to kill for whatever reason, or for no reason at, blacks, are indications of how far away is that day.

America has drifted a long, long way from those ideals, quite the finest the world has ever seen: exemplary and rightly lauded ideals. Who can say, here and in the rest of the world, that America, in 2018, is a fine country deserving of respect and good will.

Will the United States ever return to re-embrace those value? We’ll see.


Aimé Césaire was just one such person who deserves to be remembers and celebrated as a Brother who shared the Cause, that of Black Recognition and Empowerment. His place in that still ongoing struggle is no less than better known figures, better only in the sense that those who fought in the past get forgotten. And the Movement forgets and is not aware, as a result, of how deep those roots go.

Roots: The Saga of an American Family, by Alex Haley is one of few who have sought keep alive that Tradition.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 29 May, 2018

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Why Men Don’t Hire Women

This piece employs generalizations of necessity in order to keep it short and to the point. Generalizations are mostly true but not always.

Women play with men. Sometimes at the privileges men keep to themselves. They, the wives or girlfriends, whomever, manipulate them, the men, by using emotional language. Men do not know how to cope with their emotions. And, thus, men are, as a result, placed on the back foot. Men do not like this. They like to be the boss.  They get emotional by way of response and frequently employ behaviours which may include shouting and spousal abuse.

Men live their lives employing their intellect, and insist on being rational. And they are very successful at this. Very, very successful. All around us is proof of that. And that proof can be seen from the earliest times of human history.

Very few, very, very few, women enjoy being rational to the extent that many jobs require at higher levels. Nor do they care for the responsibilities that come with such positions. Women are caretakers. Nature intended that. It is build in. Therefore, for women, there additional barriers for them to overcome.

Unfortunately, when women, either through the drive and forbearance, set out to and achieve such positions, or are, through circumstances or necessity, placed, by men, in them, they frequently are hindered and displaced by men. Men, generally, cannot stand women being better than them. Or equal. And drive them out through bad behaviour driven mostly by jealousy.

Here is an example. When one of the men in this country was leading new, and demanding technology, he hired many women to assist him. Because they were cheap to employ. The positions required complex, highly detailed work of a mathematical kind. A surprising number of those women turned out to be so successful at the tasks they were asked to do, they went on to take doctorates in Higher Mathematics, some becoming world renowned. Those women are forgotten. By men, they have been rubbed out of the history books, and of public awareness.

Another example in case you missed the point just made. During WWII, in Britain, many women in their thousands, millions maybe, were hired into many fields which traditionally did not employ them; repairing war damaged trucks, building Lancasters, and the like, they proved very good at those tasks. Better than men sometimes. The men were out at the front being slaughtered by the millions. When those men who survived returned home, those women were turfed out of those jobs and sent home. And were told to stay there.

Men are providers. The fierce warriors who protect their homes, land and, particularly, their families. They are designed to dominate. Nature built all of this in, and it is inexorably the nature of men. Hence are fiercely competitive.

It is difficult to go against nature. But, due to the drive to build cities, to leave the land which we hunted and gathered on, we have been leaving our natural instincts behind. That is not reason to open the doors to women and allow them those positions should those women desire to, and work for them. Just as men have done.

However, for every woman who is prepared to take and stay the course required to achieve the positions referred to, we, us men, should make every effort to allow this and to do everything we can to support them,

At present, in such workplaces, men are hostile to those women who are their equals and colleagues. Those women are driven out by the jealously that men feel.

For example. There are women who have entered, who are in the field, and those who will enter in the future, the field of cancer research, who have, do and will in the future, excel in the field. To the point where some are world leaders in it.

Another example. During WWII, thousands of women, millions likely, were employed in demanding jobs, jobs traditionally held by men; physical labour, mending war damaged equipment, building Lancasters, and the like while the men were out fighting and being slaughtered in their millions. When those men whose survived returned home all of those women were thrown out and sent home, and were told to stay there.

Men have spent centuries subjugating women. And still do. For every gain women make in their stivings to achieve equality,  they are forced back and have to start again.

We are fighting against nature. We have placed ourselves in that positions. There is no rational reason why the door cannot be open to those women who wish to go through it. And having done so, we men had better break the glass ceilings.

At the end of the day, men are scared of women and hold them at bay. They do not see them as equals.

That is what women are fighting against.

Malcolm D B Munro
Sunday 27 May, 2018

Note: due to the fact that WordPress have removed the Save function, and refuse to restore it, these pieces are a little rough.

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