Towards Better Democracy

Good words, well written, better the world. Good literature betters the world immeasurably.

draft – Why this Blog is called Towards Better Democracy

What follows are brief notes which enable me to develop my thoughts on the topic and allow me to write more extensively, and to speak publicly, about what Better Democracy is.

Why is the Blog called Towards Better Democracy? You might well ask.

I have a clear conception of what Better Democray is. The Blog was begun some 12 years ago. Bear in mind that Adam Smith spent a lifetime thinking about what he wanted to say in a book called The Weath of Nations.

Thar book transformed the Western World and gave us the life we now have though few realize this. Adam Smith is spoke of but few read his book. The contents have been so absorbed into Westerm Culture that few have read the book. One mighit liken what he wrote to the foundadtion of a building.. Few of us th



However, I have not taken the opportunity, up til to express this viewpoint in a formulated way this allows me to write about how Better Democraymight be put into practice pointmight and thus communicate how such a polical  this view in a  coherent form that allows me to write  alout a polical viewpoint which, to my knowledge does not presently exitst.

The propect of doing so lies not f\\r off. The formulation of t those those thoughts will express a particcular

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