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Concept: We Can Conserve


we conserve – WCCI

“Let’s ensure, for our great-grandchildren, our great-great-grandchildren, and those far beyond them, a planet on which life is possible.”

The organization must not be a US oriented one. The organization must not be exclusionary but secular and above and beyond the petty rivalry of nation states. The mission must have the means to be universal and appeal to all who have the will and commitment to support it’s aims.

It needs to be said from the outset that any organization is doomed to fail at launch, or soon after, should that organization not have clear aims and goals. Every baby is born through care and attention.

The aim is simple: We can, as individuals world wide, significantly help reduce global warming. We cannot devolve to others, our would be leaders, what is ultimately our responsibility. We are not talking of using paper instead of plastic, laudable though such efforts are. No, we are talking of individual efforts initiated at a community level where people take charge of our future on the planet in their own way and within their own ability, reduce impact of the perils we face. The pyramids were built by thousands, albeit by slaves. Ants build vast structures.

The answer is simple: There are millions, billions, of people upon the planet. The combined effort of even a fraction of those can have an enormous impact. Far more than any corporation or collection of them, or of any government. The lack effort of these latter, in some cases, borders on the criminal were the means to prosecute implemented.

The means are simple: To reduce the waste in our lifestyles. We need not be frugal nor penurious, but modest and practical in the means that we adopt to lead a less profligate and careless lifestyle. For example, in the number of vehicles we own, and even a modest reduction in their use will, multiplied across the globe, have a significant cumulative effect. The small will be made great through sheer numbers.

The name of the organization is, at this stage, a working name. The International means that the organization is the platform for daughter organizations which are organized on a regional, country and local level which collectively combine to pursue the aims and objectives of the parent organization.

The governance of the organization will be developed as the concept, the project, moves forward. To do this, best practices will be adopted from elsewhere. We are not going to reinvent the wheel.

The organization’s mission is to be supported by the wealthy of the world. By wealthy is meant relative to the poor, hungry, disenfranchised and dispossessed of the world.

There is no reason on this earth why such latter individuals should not join in the efforts spoken of here. But simply that their contribution will be different in kind. After all, the organization seeks to act to preserve their interests, as well as others, in what surely lies ahead in terms of global warming. It is you who are worst affected by the prospects of results of global warming. But the organization will gain value should any of you choose to participate. Minds and action are equal, hungry or not.

To those reading this, I say: Should you own your own home or rent it, have a job and have some sense of security, you are wealthy in these terms. You have the power and ability to conserve which  is what the organization is all about, guiding and harvesting those efforts.

The organization recognizes, and wishes to respond to, the call for action in an effort to halt and, perhaps, even reverse current trends which indicate the destruction and and annihilation of our home, this earth. This language might seem to be hyperbolic but it is not. The present prediction of ”… by 2030 such and such will happen,” or “… by 2050 the world will be …” lie too far into the future and, given the universal habit of procrastination, “… oh, we have plenty of time ,,,”, we will not act. More immediate dates and targets, more realistic ones, need to be adopted, at least by this organization.

The concept of  We Can Conserve imagines a nonprofit organization which acts as a magnet to draw to it those citizens, wherever they live on the planet, who wish to contribute, as citizens. to the reduction of global warming. Such citizens understand, and are rightly alarmed at, the prospect of our total self-destruction.

We Can Conserve International,org serves as a platform to provide information and guidance – and harvesting the results and effects of such efforts – as to how citizens, as individuals or locally organized groups, can make a significant difference in reducing, and even reversing, the trends we are currently witnessing in the destruction of fellow species, ice melting, and sea and ocean temperature rises, and the desertification of some parts of the world. Such citizens who are drawn to We Can Conserve International org are informed and alarmed at the prospect of what the data trends we are told of by scientists and concerned organizations, terms of the data, the scientific evidence which shows with absolute charity the perils we face., who are wish and are willing to lead or help lead the organization into the real world.

Global worming is not a matter of belief. The facts are too numerous and multifaceted to not be true. Hard scientific evidence is not theological. And the studies have been carried out over a large span of time. How much evidence do you need to know that we are the guilty party. Of course, were this not true, we would not have been, and largely still are, in denial.

Should we continue on our present course (see the references below) without effort to reverse it, we face a dire world which at some point, sooner than we presently predict, will result in the total destruction of all life on our planet.

We, those of us who wish to, can make a difference, a significant, if not profound, difference. Should individual and community groups act, then the possibility exists of billions of people all over the planet achieving what corporations and governments can never achieve. We can conserve without being frugal, without greatly affecting our present lifestyle however and whatever that is, with notable exceptions; the powerless, the hungry, the disposed and displaced, we can recognize that we are profligate, create vast amounts of waste without thought. Citizens, filling the recycle bins is not enough. Doing good with good intentions is futile. What is required is a change of heart, a fundamental recognition that, in the end, we are all species, we are inseparably part of all life forms. We are not superior. We suffer from hubris and are alone among our fellow species in our wanton self destruction. No other species acts as we do. We are out of kilter, possibly even, out of control.

­This is a launch document in preliminary draft form. The intent is to draw others who wish to have a hand in the formation of the organization so that its realization is not the result of a single person.

Those interested may contact the author through comment on his blog, Towards Better Democracy, malcolmdbmunrodotorg

Copyright the Author. Protected under the Copyright Laws of the United States. Unauthorized use constitutes theft.

Malcolm D B Munro
Tuesday 22 January, 2019

A few references

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  3. Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC / Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  Date: 2018





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When Will the US White House Take the Free People of Libya Seriously?

Distorting the Present

Leadership in the US may not be aware of the extent to which Libyans, especially those on the ground in Libya, striving, against appalling odds and at horrific cost of loss of human life and property,  to create a free democratic, unified civil state, are perplexed and dumbfounded at the continued issuance of mixed messages, reversals and lack of coherence of the statements coming out of the mouths of various officials in Washington. An example is the lack of clear statements as to the reasons for the movement of hugely expensive military assets in and around the Mediterranean, which has Libyans on both sides of the struggle and their neighbors wondering as to the motives of the US Government for such moves.

The deliberations by White House officials on what actions the US should take to assist those seeking the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi are conducted as if considerations of US foreign policy are at play here, when it is clear to the rest of us, that the US does not have a policy with regard to the events presently unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa.

Sins of Omission

Of the many sins of omission stemming from the lack of a considered and thought through US foreign policy for the region two stand out.

From the beginning of an uprising which seeks the overthrow of the incumbent head of state, up to and including his overthrow, the US administration has shown itself promiscuous in its willingness to continually switch sides, based on its betting on any one day as to which side will win out. This is unnerving for players on both sides of the struggle, and for allies and onlookers. Those seeking the overthrow of the dictator lose morale, allies lack leadership, nations willing to offer assistance are unable to do so, and the incumbent misinterprets such messages as signs of weakness.

The second example of a sin of omission has much more impact on the actors involved in the strife and on the effect it may have on the eventual outcome of  the conflict. Specifically, where Libya is concerned, the US has announced that it is talking to groups both inside and outside the country. By adopting this strategy, the US has the potential to cause untold damage to the process whereby a clear, unified, single leadership emerges from those opposing Colonel Gaddafi’s rule. In choosing to announce that it is talking to groups outside and inside the country, the US would appear to wish to effect the outcome of the process, in effect wanting to keep a hand on the scales, in an effort to ensure that Washington’s man is mounted to the seat of power. The incalculable damage this has done to the process of creating credible, stable governments in Iraq and Afghanistan is clear to all.

Errors in Commission

The result of such misguided and historically out of tune policies is to assist into power a person who is ineffective in that role because the person has little or no mandate from the people and lacks credibility with them. The imposition from outside of the imperialist’s favoured man subverts the development of a stable political process for decades to come. No country would willingly wish this upon themselves.

This imperialist behaviour on the part of the United States undermines its credibility with free, thinking people, and is only favoured by political opportunists who wish further harm American interests. The US needs to discard policies which were formulated during the cold war, which may not have been effective then but which in the present time fail to provide Washington with a set of lenses through which to view current events in the Middle East, thus rendering the US helpless to act in a way that reflects an accurate assessment of the realities on the ground. The mindset with which policy makers and officials in the US view the present day Middle East is through the eyes of a superpower, whereas what events in the region require is for America to act from the standpoint of being a highly respected beacon of democracy, able to offer clear leadership in pursuit of the values America holds dear.

The US, therefore, needs to speedily and quickly adopt a foreign policy which seeks to fully support the emergence of democracy in the region, which temporarily puts aside its interests in the region, and which works to provide a partnership with a single group which identifies itself as the authentic voice of the free Libyan people and to engage in a dialogue with that group.

Even before America talks about military force and Libya in the same breath, the US must ask what free Libyans would like by way of military assistance, and engage in dialogue with them, and America’s allies, as to what can be provided and under what circumstances.

Shop Soiled Goods

Two outcomes of the present US policy, if what constitutes the current American approach to the situation in Libya can be dignified as policy and not something which is ad hoc, are the following.

Firstly to discussions among officials in Washington and with the EU member countries about possible use of military force, without discussing this in advance with the free Libyans themselves, serves only to alienate Libyans outside Tripoli and to inflate the Colonel, and add fuel to his assertions that the uprising is a product of a US led plot to colonize  Libya for its oil.

The second outcome has potentially long term damaging effects on Libya and on the emerging democracies in the region whether or not Colonel Gaddafi is overthrown. This damage will occur if the US insists on pursuing its present desire to talk to groups inside and outside Libya. One has to wonder if one of those groups includes the Colonel himself.

Confidence Restored

There are two actions America must take immediately if it wishes to be seen as a legitimate and respected voice in the region.

The first, on a domestic level, is convene a panel charged with formulating a policy which addresses what is happening presently in the Middle East and North Africa in a coherent and straightforward manner. This policy must, at its heart, separate America’s desire to support the ongoing emergence of fully democratic states for the first time in the Arab world from America’s strategic and oil interests in the region. It is only with the formulation of this policy, which reflects the current realities in the Middle East, that America will be able to offer strong and consistent leadership, which the present crisis in Libya, and impeding uprisings, require and around which America’s allies, and nations willing and eager to assist, can rally, and out of which can come effective and concerted action, which will assure security in the region.

For, let it be clear in the mind of everyone, including the minds of those who still impose power upon their populations, that stable, homogeneous, fully democratic states in the Middle East and North Africa are by far and away the best parties with whom America can work in the long term to assure America’s strategic and oil interests.

The second, on an international level, is to appoint a special envoy who is charged with establishing the necessary channels for dialogue and support; with the implementation of American policy towards the insurgencies and emerging democracies, and with reporting the content and nature of these dialogues back to Washington.

The uncertainties and complexities of the present situation in Libya are bound to be repeated in future uprisings in the region. Sound policies established now will serve America’s aims and interests for a long time to come.

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